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Riverside Cemetery

Yarmouth, Maine 

A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to Riverside Cemetery. Almost 200 years ago, on the banks where the Royal River meets Casco Bay and overlooking Yarmouth's historic boatyard several acres of field and forest was purchased for a special purpose:  The Riverside Cemetery - a place to remember and to be remembered.


Today, this consecrated ground in one of our town's most historic sections continues to be the choice of those who want affordable quality and the peace of mind of knowing that they and their loved ones will be cared for with respect and dignity.

One of the most uniquely beautiful, accessible, and well maintained of the area's cemeteries, Riverside's grounds feature beautiful views of the bay that reflect the openness of its landscape and the familiarity of home.


Here, all forms of legal burial are accommodated...expressions of individuality that are in keeping with the high standards of the cemetery are welcome...and there continues to be a place for all.


Riverside Cemetery has always been more than just a final resting place. It is a quiet refuge for joggers and walkers. It is visited by bird watchers, students of all ages and disciplines and family and friends. It is a ‘living’ museum, rich with a historic landscape in a town filled with architecturally significant buildings and monuments. Riverside Cemetery is filled with generations of distinguished men and women who made considerable contributions to the history of Yarmouth and the state of Maine.  

Riverside Association Members 

Amy Ford, President 

Debbie Roux, Vice President

Debra Hopkins - Vice President

Deborah Delp, Treasurer

Meg O'Neill, Secretary

Sandy Bowie

Sue Davis

Jolene Estabrook

Rachel Delp

Scott Martin

  • Scott A. Harrison, President

  • Deborah Hopkins, President Elect

  • Debbie Roux, Vice President

  • Deborah Delp, Treasurer

  • Meg O’Neill, Secretary

  • Sandy Bowie

  • Sue Davis

  • Andrew Dolloff

  • Jolene Estabrook

  • Amy Ford

  • Deborah Hopkins

  • Brenda Kern

  • Scott Martin




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