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Welcome to Riverside's Cremation Garden

Today in Yarmouth there is a lovely place that has recently been thoughtfully designed and installed. Tucked into the far west corner of Riverside Cemetery off Rt 88 is a new Cremation Garden.  This beautiful sanctuary has been two years in the making and features paths and native trees, perennial gardens, and benches for quiet contemplation. While visiting you'll also find an accessible 'Gathering Circle' which provides a lovely outdoor Celebration of Life venue where groups may gather.

It is always hard to face the loss of a family member. So many decisions.  While some people pre-plan their wishes, which is a great service to their family, often these decisions are left to the living.  For them, the considerations are numerous and often difficult. What would they want? Traditional burial? Cremation? Scattered remains in a special spot? An urn placed in a Columbarium or in the ground? How much will all this cost? What are the options?

Many wonderful things are created out of need.  The new Cremation Garden was a necessary addition to our small town. In 2019, approximately 55% of burials were cremations. It is estimated that by the year 2035 the number of cremations will grow to over 79% of burials.

Making the choice to cremate is personal but reasons range from wanting to be environmentally conscious to practical to spiritual.  In any case, cremations are on the rise and Riverside Cemetery has made this burial option viable for all.  

For many, finding just the right resting spot for a loved one is challenging and overwhelming.  Is your spouse or family member’s remains on your mantle, tucked away in a closet?  We invite you to come to visit our new cremation garden and see if this might be the perfect resting place for your loved one. Alternatively, we welcome you to visit and consider your own or your family’s final resting plans? Maybe you would prefer to scatter remains in a special place and just have a flat stone engraved at Riverside’s cremation garden for relatives to visit in remembrance?  Perhaps you’d like a marker for future generations to trace your genealogy? Whatever your reason for visiting, we welcome you and know you will enjoy your time meandering the beautiful garden pathways at Riverside Cemetery. 

Riverside’s cremation garden is beautiful in all seasons with new additions to the landscape always emerging. 

Feel free to explore Riverside on your own or contact a member of Riverside’s Board for a personal tour and more information.  There are several options and we would love to share this lovely space with you.

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